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CalloniTEX is the division specializing in the production and marketing in Italy and abroad of fabrics on roll and fabric bags produced following the customization requests of our over 1800 customers. The experience offered is not limited to a single phase of packaging production, but embraces:

  • Prototyping
  • Raw material quality analysis
  • Graphic design
  • Production and packaging
  • Laboratory certifications

All stages are carried out within the company to ensure maximum control of the critical stages of production, as well as to give a guarantee of seriousness and reliability to our customers.

For this reason, CalloniTEX is the only point of reference for any product sector, making product customization one of its greatest strengths.

Why choose a fabric bag?

The fabric bag will be reused by your customers, the plastic bag will be thrown away. What message do you want to communicate to your consumers?










CalloniTEX wants to offer its customers not only excellent fabrics and fabric bags for food, but wants to make available the great experience gained over time, handed down from generation to generation since 1940, when it all began thanks to the production of fabrics for third parties.

The experience in the direct production of fabrics has allowed us to fully understand the characteristics of the yarns which, combined with each other through particular processes, can give life to unique fabrics, such as our Repure ™. This knowledge has been applied to the world of technical industrial fabrics and to fabric bags for food, where, for both applications, with great commitment it has been possible to achieve certification for direct contact with food in compliance with current European standards.

The experience on the material of the fabric, combined with graphic design skills have allowed us to create sensational customized fabric bags for our customers, using the most modern printing technologies, such as high definition digital printing, directly on fabric.

This is why we do not consider ourselves simple collaborators, but partners who provide solutions to achieve common goals


A division for each production area

Spinning Division, Packaging Division, Mechanical Division

 All production processes are managed internally, to ensure maximum quality control and the traceability of products and processes.



It supplies high quality technical yarns, allowing customers to make the best use of the product supplied within their production process. Flexibility, speed of delivery, optimization of technical specifications are the distinguishing features of the technical yarn division. Yarns produced with range 350 - 18.000 Td, flat, twisted and spooled with the possibility of Anti-flame, Lubricant and Antistatic treatments.



It not only produces fabric bags, but provides a distinctive image to the customer's product, allowing better visibility, refinement and authenticity to the product offered. Production, processing and treatments on industrial fabrics such as Cotton, Repure ™, Non-woven fabric, Jute, Woven raffia, Polyester net. Fabrics and bags certified for direct contact with food.



Its priority is to make the food packaging sector competitive for small-medium producers. We are proud to say that thanks to the carefully designed and built machines, it has been possible to provide the Italian agricultural sector with a strong boost compared to the foreign one. Improving the productivity in packaging allows to increase the workable volumes, therefore the revenues.


Health and Environment are our responsibility

One of Calloni's reference values is environmental sustainability, applied to the entire production line. For this reason the company has embraced a circular economy model that revisits the "content-packaging" system, enhancing materials and products at every stage of the supply chain to minimize waste, optimize resources, generate savings and help improve the quality of life of consumers.

The fabric bag will be reused by your customers, the plastic bag will be thrown away. What message do you want to communicate to your consumers?

Not just words

Calloni is a member of PolieCo and Conai.

PolieCo is a consortium that aims to encourage the withdrawal of polyethylene-based goods at the end of their life cycle, in order to send them to recycling and recovery activities, at the same time achieving a reduction in the quantity of waste disposed of in landfills and a lower consumption of raw material. look at the website

CONAI is the National Packaging Consortium which operates on a non-profit basis and which constitutes the response of private companies to a problem of collective interest, such as the environmental one, in compliance with the guidelines and objectives set by the political system. look at the website.