polypropylene (PP)
nonwoven fabric

A synthetic product which, while similar to a textile in characteristics and uses, has not been obtained through a true weaving process.
Its flat textile structure consists of a sheet of polypropylene fibres, held together by mechanical, chemical or thermal bonding processes.
Nonwoven fabric is a versatile product which can have very high degrees of softness, strength and absorbency; it can be flame retardant or totally flame resistant; it can achieve the lightness of a film or have sufficient thickness to be used in industry and furniture-making.

  • accoutrements for technical fabrics
  • rice and cereals packaging
  • dried pasta packaging
  • packaging for cash - tokens - chips
  • industrial laundries
  • jamjar covers
  • packaging for lentils - beans - legumes
  • packaging for flour
  • packaging for charcuterie
  • packaging for sweetmeats and confecionery
  • flooring and seats -
    sofas - armchairs
  • digital printing
  • coffee industry
  • Christmas baskets
  • giftware
  • clothing bags
  • packaging for fancy goods
  • giftwrapping
  • wrapping for florists
  • clothing
  • filtration
  • spirits industry
  • cheese industry
  • wrappings in contact with food
  • goldsmiths' work jewellery
  • glasses
  • handbags and footwear
  • ribbons
  • wine industry
  • packaging for seeds
  • wine and food
  • restaurant trade
  • perfumery

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