The threads interweave
to the merry rhythm
of the loom, drawing
the outline of the story.

It all began over seventy years ago: Calloni Srl was founded in Arconate in 1930 as a family-run company doing contract weaving. In the 1970s the company started producing fabric rice sacks, and, as the market developed, branched out from working with natural fibres into weaving synthetic fibres.
Since then many miles of yarn have passed through the mill: the company has expanded in size and technology and now offers a wide variety of products, ranging from yarns to textiles to the prepacked bag. Strong and inexpensive yarns, quality textiles for packaging and agricultural use, and especially fabric bags of all types, materials and sizes.

From the raw material
to the finished product
without losing the
connecting thread:

Each moment of each stage of the process is overseen and controlled by specialised personnel to ensure that the product is always of high quality,starting with the yarn.
Advanced machinery converts the polyethylene and polypropylene granules into reels of tape; with this as the yarn, fast looms create textiles, partly for sale (as fabrics for packaging and agricultural use), and partly to be used for packaging bags. Besides textiles produced in-house, we process large quantities of cotton and jute bought in from abroad; in particular, as a result of an agreement with an important textiles company, tons of cotton waste are converted into cheerful coloured bags.
Miles of fabric are unrolled onto the workbenches, and advanced machinery packs the bags under the watchful eye of the technicians. Speed and safety, accuracy and reliability: these are the characteristics of the fully automated packaging process for rapidly producing large quantities of bags of guaranteed quality. Jute, cotton and synthetic fabric are folded, cut and then stitched to create over 400 different types of bags destined for many different market sectors. Sacks for well-known brands of rice, bags for legumes, flour and coffee, and packaging for perfumery, leather goods, fur coat covers and environmentally-friendly handbags. From synthetic fibre to cotton, from jute to polyethylene, the company offers a huge range of safe and reliable products, which take account of market needs and provide advanced solutions.