Mixed fabric, Repur ™

Fabric for furnishing, Fabric for events, Fabric for bags, Fabric for Christmas, Fabric for clothing,
Minimum Order
50 m
Available Colours
Tessuto misto Repur   Azzurro Tessuto misto Repur   Beige Tessuto misto Repur   Bianco Tessuto misto Repur   Giallo Tessuto misto Repur   Grigio Tessuto misto Repur   Mattone Tessuto misto Repur   Paglia Tessuto misto Repur   Rosa Tessuto misto Repur   Rosso Tessuto misto Repur   Verde
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The only colored fabric, but not dyed!


Dyeing a natural fabric requires several steps in a pigment bath. However, the fixing of the color to the fiber is not strong enough to prevent possible migration and loss of dye on the food or product in the packaging, affecting its quality and nutritional value. Repur ™ mixed fabric, of our exclusive production, is composed of a resistant and unique weave, it provides a lively color thanks to a colored synthetic fiber coupled with fine cotton threads.


Compared to the completely synthetic nonwoven fabric, Repur ™ allows on the one hand to maintain a light and textile hand thanks to the cotton threads and on the other to have bright colors without resorting to dyeing thanks to the synthetic fiber. Thanks to the attention to the use of first quality materials, Repur ™ is a certified fabric for contact with food.


Possibility of supplying  rolls in size and additional processing such as longitudinal cutting, in pieces, with customized designs or high definition digital printing.

fabric Repur ™
composition 50% PP - 50% cotton
colors White Orange light blue Beige Yellow Grey Straw Red Green
weight 120 g/m2
Standard roll height 190
Standard roll length 500
Standard roll weight 125
threads /cm weft 10
threads /cm warp 12